Sunday, August 31, 2014

HAPPY 5TH SUNDAY! "We're In Charge!"

HAPPY 5TH SUNDAY! "We're In Charge!"
"We are Missionaries... Loyal CMEs!!!"
Worship Service. Though We get All Dressed Up in Our Many Designs & Styles of Royal Blue & White, there Is More than Being a Missionary than Our Esthetic, Fund-raisers, Meetings & Programs...
We Have a "Mission"... To Reach out of the Confinement of the Church's walls and it's Congregation to Teach Non-Believers of Christ! To Show (by example) and Tell (by Scripture) What It Means to be Saved. To Help, Aide & Assist them in becoming the Best they can be by "Many Means Necessary" either through Our Church or Other Non-Organizations: Volunteer/Donate Time and/or Money to Community Awareness Causes such as: Teen Pregnancy; AIDS, Drugs, Domestic Violence, Unemployment (Training services) etc.,... Bringing Food & Nourishment; Supplying Clothing, Coats and/or Blankets; Assistance In Shelter and/or Assisting with Financial Obligations, such as; Rent and/or Utilities.
To Show the Non-believer that GOD is Real and HE LOves each and Everyone of Us whether We acknowledge HIM or Not... However, if We Believe in HIM and Accept HIM as Our Personal Savior, We are Saved - John 3:15
Anywho, You Don't Have to be a Missionary to Shine Your Light Bright to Edify & Glorify HIM by Being Kind & Loving to one another... Have a BLESSED Week! And Remember, when GOD Blesses You, You are to Bless Someone else... Pray It Forward!!! ~jOY!!!

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