Friday, June 19, 2015

DaddyzGirl EnJoyzWorld!!!

DaddyzGirl EnJoyzWorld!!!
You taught Me More in the first 12 yrs of My Life, than any Man that attempted to detour Me from Your Wisdom! Because of Your LOve for Me, You Showed me How it Feels to be LOved by a Man!! Because of Your Respect for Me, You taught Me how to Respect a Man's Character and Merrit and the Creditability of his Word... No Matter his Profession and/or How Much Money is in His Pockets or Banks!.
And Last but Not Least, Because of Your Faith & LOve for GOD, You brought me to Christ and Taught me how to Have Faith in HIM and Trust HIM at All Times... Even when HE Called You Home, I had to Believe that it was Best because You told Me GOD Makes No Mistakes and to Listen to My Mom... and I did!
Therefore, All that is Good, All that Is Kind, All that is LOving about Me, I Owe it All to You, Mom & JESUS and I Thank You All for Treating Me as Precious Cargo!!!
#HappyFathersDay #fathersday #love #DaddyzGirl4Life

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