Saturday, March 29, 2014

HAPPY WEEKEND!!! Saturday Shopping On: "Rodeo Drive"

Saturday Shopping On: "Rodeo Drive"
What a Treat and an All Day Event!
Though Rodeo Dr is just 3 Blocks on a 2mile stretch in Beverly Hills, You can get a GRrrrreat Work-Out and Treat Yourself to some Mickey-Dee's Fries! Yes, they also House GRrrreat Restaurants, Eateries and Gourmet Food Trucks... But I Don't come Here to Eat, I come Here to Shop!
From Crate & Barrel and Guess to Tiffany's and Jimmy Choo... there's Something for Most Budgets!! And I would rather Spend My Coins on Items that last me Longer than one sitting than to pay $13 for a Veggie Burger, $8 for Sweet Potato Fries and $6 for Coffee... When there is a McDonald's around the corner and their prices average 5 - 20 cents less (on items) than the one in South Central Los Angeles!!! WTW?! Why Do Poor People need to Pay More for their ("2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions on a sesame seed bun") Big Mac than Rich People?!... Oh Well, Not a Question I can answer Today!! HAPPY SHOPPING!!!!
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