Sunday, January 26, 2014

HAPPY SUNDAY!!!: "Fear Is Not Of GOD!"

HAPPY SUNDAY!!!: "Fear Is Not Of GOD!"
"Yea though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I shall fear No evil for Thou art with Me..."
This has been my verse of Blessing before eating since I was 12 years old... 4th Verse of the 23rd PSALM. I Understood & Believed It then and I Understand & Believe it Now!
If We Trust GOD We can Not be fearful... remember when you were a child and you were in the car or out with your Parents, you were never scared, you didn't fear evil for they were with you... and that same safeness is what allowed Me to Conquer being afraid of the Dark I had to convince myself that they were right in the next room and would Not allow anything to bring me harm... not on their watch!
The same applies to Our Faith in GOD... when we are in our Darkest moments, We are Never Alone... the Light in Us is HIM and it is there to Shine Bright, lead us to Safety! It can even allow others to see us, find us and Help bring us Back... Just like Light can not Hide in the Dark, nor Can Faith cannot Hide in Fear!!!
Please Continue to Pray for MylittleChurchSister Tjuana that the Healing Angels will rid her Body, Mind & Soul of any Darkness trying to block her Light of Recovery... AMEN

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